Winter 2022 Art Challenge - Beat'em Up

Winter 2022 Art Challenge - Beat'em Up

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Welcome to the winter 2022 art challenge. Beat'em Up (Brawler) is this seasons genre.

The challenge and voting starts 1st December 2022.

Suubmission period ends 1st January 2023.

The votes will be tallied, announcing the winner on 8th January 2023.

Submit your entries anytime...


ANY art that hasn't already been submitted to OGA qualifies for the challenge!


Tag your submissions with "beat em up", "brawler" and "2022" tag to be in the running...

Post a link to your upload in this thread or in the Discord Art Challenge Submission channel:

The submission with the most favourites by 8th January 2023 wins!


Prizes include a shiny new OGA medal for participants and the winner.


Also, appear a cut above the rest on the Discord server by gaining the following roles:


🥇 Art Boss (for the winner)

🥈 Art Contender (for all entrants)


Art used in the banner image:


The following is a guide on the art required to make a beat'em up. Good luck!


2D 3/4 top down perspective.

2D side view perspective.

3D third-person perspective.


Stage backgrounds Preferably at a 16:9 aspect ratio to fit well on modern screens.

If possible, layer the backgrounds for a parallax scrolling effect.

A good resolution for pixel art backgrounds is 384 x 216. This fits the 1080p resolution perfectly when scaled up 5x.


2D stage backgrounds and flooring can be made using tilesets for either perspective.



Background/environment objects (rocks, trees, fencing, etc.). 

Interactable objects (crates, switches, buttons, save-points, elevators, doorways).

Collectables (health, score, extra lives).

Breakable environment objects (crates, phone booths, benches, fencing)

Hazard pits (water/lava, etc., spikes, manholes).

Ladders or ropes.



Bottles, knives, bats, swords, guns, bombs etc.


Player characters (1-4)

Characters should have different builds/styles (Big, martial artists, robots?)

Core animations: Idle, Walking, Jumping, Attack_1, Jump attack, Hurt/Knockdown/Die.

Secondary animations: Attack_2, Attack_3 etc (For combo's), Throw, Weapon use, Special attacks, Grab, Grab attacks, Climbing (Ladders), Running, Block, Wounded, Ground attacks (Enemy on the floor).


Enemy types

Standard brawler (Weak/medium). Attacks in groups.

Core animations: Attack_1, Idle, Walk, Hurt/Knockdown/Die.

Secondary animations: Attack_2, Grabbed, Weapon use.

Striker (Heavy hitter). Strikes the player once for a knockdown (Donovan Streets of Rage 2).

Core animations: Attack_1, Idle, Walk, Hurt/Knockdown/Die.

Secondary animations: Grabbed, Weapon use.

Stalker Walks/runs straight for the player for a knockdown, then continues off screen. Usually holds a knife.

Core animations: Walk/run, Hurt/Knockdown/Die.

Secondary animations: Grabbed.

Ninja Has a jumping attack e.g. throwing star plus 2 melee attacks.

Core animations: Idle, Walk, Hurt/Knockdown/Die, Attack_1, Jumping attack.

Secondary animations: Attack_2, Grabbed, Weapon use.

Biker Rides back and forth across the screen for player knockdowns. Throws bombs.

Core animations: Moving forward, Hurt/Knockdown/Die.

Secondary animations: Player hit, Bomb throw, Vehicle explode.

Bomb Thrower Appears in windows and throws bombs.

Core animations: Idle, Throw bomb.

Secondary animations: Hurt/Die/Explode, Aim bomb to warn the player.

End of stage bosses...

Study the great games listed below for ideas :)


Heads-up display

Player health bar, Lives, Portrait. Score. Timer. Mana/magic/special power guage. Current enemy name, Portrait, Health bar.


Concept art


Faux box/cartridge art.

Press kit (hi-res backgrounds, logos, cinematic screenshots, banner images).

For game page images, check out this size guide:



It can be any style or genre, e.g., orchestral, electronic, chiptune, etc. Mood is important.

Type 1 main menus, levels, or credits scenes are passionate, rousing, self-assured, boisterous, or rowdy.

Type 2 main menus, levels, or credits scenes are aggressive, fiery, tense, anxious, intense, volatile, visceral.

Game Over is literate, poignant, wistful, bittersweet, autumnal, or brooding.



Special attacks (vocal sounds), Hit/hurt, Jump/land


Weapon fire/punch, Hit/hurt, Death.

Explosions, Door open/close, Item collected (e.g. health, lives, points)

Also, menu select, e.g. button pushes, navigation.


Prime examples of the genre for inspiration:

Streets of Rage 2

Double Dragon



Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge


Final Fight

The Simpsons

Castle Crashers