What sort of textures do people want to see?

What sort of textures do people want to see?

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I'd like to start working on adding some more textures, but I need some info from folks (particularly 3D artists) who are actually looking to use those textures.  At the moment, OGA is way short of cgtextures in terms of the amount of content we have available, but I think we have an opportunity to expand if we work at it.

So, I need to know the following:

  • What minimum resolution are people looking for?
  • Do you want raw photos, or do you want "processed" stuff (that is, textures that already tile)?  Both?
  • I feel like we have a lot of stone and brick walls at the moment.  What other sorts of textures would people like to see us add more of?
  • How important are normal, specular, and height maps?

I realize not everyone is going to agree on the answers to these questions, so I'd like to get a general feel from the community as far as what's needed, texture-wise. :)