[Closed] Concept art for Sci-Fi Doors: 5 x 20 EUR

[Closed] Concept art for Sci-Fi Doors: 5 x 20 EUR

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This is the third commission that I'm putting up.

You can find my first commission here: http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/finshed-flare-tileset-compatible-bridg...

And the second commission here: http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/finished-texturing-a-3d-model-from-oga...


The job:

The commission is a bit different this time. The first part (this commission) is to generate some pieces of concept art, from which one will be chosen from and put (hopefully) into a 3D model in the next commission (if my finances allow it). The goal of this commission is to research and design "science fiction doors". I would like to have 5 pieces of concept art of 5 different doors, to be used in a Sci-Fi setting.

The doors should in design (how they look like and how they open) be sufficiently different from each other. The doors could be for different situations (e.g. for people to pass to another room, a hangar door of a space station or a door of some alien space ship). For the concept art I require some level of detail, because it has to be turned into a model. This includes size references (compared to an adult human and/or size indications in meters), at least one colour scheme and arrows that indicate how it opens. If the door does something special, also make that clear. The concept art should not be a collection of vague outlines or sketches, I want some detail in it.

The final work should be made available in png image format, supplying other files that were used (e.g. vector images) would also be nice (for people to make mock ups), but is not required. Work should be uploaded to OGA and the license should be at least CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Here is a link with some references of the idea: https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=sci-fi+door&hl=nl&gbv=1&prmd=imvns...



I'm offering 20 euro (currently about USD 25) per finished piece of concept art (so 100 euro in total) and payment will be through Euro bank transfer (SEPA) or in Bitcoin if the bank transfer is not a possible option (euros will be converted to bitcoin and directly send to you, so you can convert them back to your own currency). Payment will only be done when above requirements are met and I'm happy with the result. Please note that PayPal is NOT a payment option! Only, the two methods mentioned above.

Accepting offer:

When you want to work on this, post in this topic and I will mark it filled. You will get the first chance to work on this for some reasonable time. If things aren't clear, feel free to ask questions.