Nach game project resource request

Nach game project resource request

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I'm askin for a recommendation:

The game "Nach" will be a bit like the genre of Crash Bandicoot (All primitive, tribal etc), the main character being an insect like warrior saving a princess he was (probably) about to marry with from an evil lord who wants to use a bunch of crystals of epic power to spread his armies of skull-warriors over the world (VEEEERY original).

The enviroments are going to be 1. Jungle 2. Volcano (inside) 3. Snowy mountain tops 4. Desert 5. Evil lair.

What I need is music that fits well with the gameplay, can anybody point anything out?

Make note: At the moment the game is nothing more than concept art, and Nach himself tht can run and jump.

Also, but I'm not sure of this, I'll probably sell my game instead of giving it away (my ultimate goal is to earn money with the things I make). If/when I get there, I'm willing to share a piece of the cake to anyone who contributed :D

Thanks in advance.