Sprite Art Needed!

Sprite Art Needed!

Hello guys! I am currently working on a project which I will love to call, I Must Survive (not the best title...)

It is a post apocalyptic game and is open for any enemy ideas! I have a regular zombie sprite

(see attached file)

And, I really want to animate that sprite I made (The Zombie)

Other Things I am freely Requesting:

Blown up vehicles



Messed up buildings

Enemies (fat zombies, deamons, crawing zombies)

The Character size is 32×32

(if that helps with the scale of things)

I am open for nearly anything related to the items I want!


Game % completion

So far, the endless survival mode part of the game is complete, just one type of zombie adg gun though

(Ill add as I go along)

Story plot has been created, I will create the levels using the rubble and wrecks to make the maps

The zombie engine is created, I can configure to anything though,

Like make the fat zombie explode on death, idk...


So, yah, this will be pretty fun to make if you accept to make 1 of any of these, BE CREATIVE!!!!!!

Its mostly about fun, I am not really paying because the game is going to be free...

Yah, I know...

But on the bright side, If I ever reuse these sprites in a BETTER game, I will sell it for sure and give you profit on that.


Anyone that helps create sprites will be put on the credits under Sprite Artists!

-please and Thanks to those all! Art is an Amazing skill, KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!!!!!

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