[unpaid] Seeking character texture artist for Horror game

[unpaid] Seeking character texture artist for Horror game

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 Hi. I'm seeking a texture artist to work on character costumes and faces for a reverse survival horror game. A little about the game: 

You play as the serial killer and slaughter people. It's a stealth game, so you have to hide in the shadows, stalk people, sneak up on them, etc. And avoid the police... A little like Manhunt without the moral ambiguity. It's a slasher movie as a game. 

This is a 85% finished game. I'm cramming hard to get it out this month. Your work will not go to waste in an unfinished project.

The character models were made by combining FreeLikeGNU's low poly base human models (http://opengameart.org/content/base-human-models-low-poly-for-blender-25x) and VideroBoy's low poly male and female (http://opengameart.org/content/low-poly-human-male). I'm planing on uploading the finished characters (UV mapped, hair, rigging & animation, textures) under CC. You also get credit in the game which will be free to download.

I'm hoping for 7 new outfits made (I have a list) and between 5 & 10 faces. Some are from the voice actors who will be sending me head shots.  Textures are 512x512. Below are what the models look like right now with template textures.


Photoshop or equivalent (GIMP)

Blender - If you haven't used it before, I can write a short tutorial about importing your textures so you can see the models in 3d as you work.

Please email me at pigfarmergames [at] gmail . com  if you're interested or have any questions. There are some details and suprises about the final game which I haven't revealed publically yet however I'd be happy to answer questions and provide a gameplay demo and videos. Thanks.

Nurse.jpg Nurse.jpg 95.3 Kb [51 download(s)]
70sGuy.jpg 70sGuy.jpg 74.2 Kb [45 download(s)]
nurseUVs.jpg nurseUVs.jpg 210.2 Kb [40 download(s)]