Art Aid: monthly challenge

Art Aid: monthly challenge

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I know there is a weekly challenge here on OGA. But I have in mind the following:

There quite a few open source and /or free software games out there that would benefit from a collective effort of some enthuisiastic artists. I suggest to have a list of such games and say once a month vote for one of them to be chosen for an "Art Aid". Participants will work for about a month on various graphical/sound/design aspects of that game. 

One month gives enough time for those artists who work for fun on the weekends mostly. Focusing on the game instead of a challenge topic leaves a little bit more freedom imho. But what is more important is this: foss games will get exposure, artistic help. The last but not the least factor is that artists will see how their work is used in an actual game.

Some sort of anaward is possible for the best contribution. What do you think, folks?