Fan Art on OGA? (HOMM2 city screen)

Fan Art on OGA? (HOMM2 city screen)

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(I am not a lawyer)

heroes-of-might-and-magic-ii-sorceress-town-hd is amazing work based on (inspired by?) town_sorceress. Compare-in-one-image:

I'm looking at Commons:Fan_art and it looks like copyright might be a non-problem.

The title "Heroes of might and magic II Sorceress Town HD" implies association with the copyright holders of HOMM2 (thanks to DMCA there's no real danger to OGA of course).

Personal feeling: giving the art a generic title like "Fantasy Game Sorceress City Screen Drawing, Layered" and instead referencing HOMM2 in the description would make it non-problematic to host on OGA and to be used in open source and commercial games.

What do others think?