Artist wanted for 'the pretty'

Artist wanted for 'the pretty'

Hi all,


In the past few months i've been hard at work on a pipe puzzle game.

This type of game has been done before, but i'm adding some new ingredients to

spice up an admittedly pretty dull concept. Right now, i'm getting into the alpha stage and i'm looking

for a graphics artist to take care of 'the pretty'.

You can check out the current playable state here (no shop or achievements yet).



Some things up front (so you can skip if this is not your thing):

- I'm not in it for the money, and neither should you.

- There will only be the honor of having your work visible to players and people enjoying something that you have created.

- ANY and ALL accidental revenue generated will be donated to charity. If you want you may suggest one :)

- I am in it for the fun of creating, and the fact that others will enjoy my work.


Still here? Great! Let's get to the nitty gritty of it.


My skills in creating a 'look' for a game and keeping it consistent over all the different elements is turned out a lot less impressive than my coding skills (sure you heard that one before :) ).

That is why i'm looking for you. You're blessed with a firm grasp of design principles and are able to give a game its character by

designing a pleasing look and applying it to all graphical aspects of the game.



About the game:

- Tile based path creator game (rotate pipes to form a path between start(s) and finish(es).

- Coins can be earned on levels by leading a path through certain tiles with hidden coins.

- Coins are spendable at in-game shop to purchase items.

- Shop items are nessecary to complete higher levels.

- Part of the puzzle is figuring out what shop item to apply where, and even which levels are actually doable yet.

- Around 50 - 70 levels

- Achievements (and possibly connecting to Kong API/Newgrounds API if successful enough)

- Save/load

- HTML5/JS game



Here's what i'm asking:

- Above all: A belief that this game will be fun to play! It's no use if you wouldn't want to play it yourself!

- Fairly skilled designer for any and all graphical elements of the game.

- Consistent look across screens / elements.

- Keeping promises. This project is not meant to be demanding on anyone and no one should be busting their balls over a free game. But if you say you'll deliver, please do.

- You take pride in delivering your best.

- Able to commit to at least 4 hours a week (average).

- Preferably located in Europe / Africa (not a must by any means, but helps a lot in scheduling for direct contact if we're in the same general timezone).



Here's what i'm offering:

- A lot of freedom in terms of theme / look and feel.

- Creative feedback on your work.

- An open mind to accept suggestions on my part (programming, features, etc.)

- Input in more then just the graphic design. You've got an idea for a game mechanic or feature? Lets hear it!

- Full credits and acknowledgement for your work. Links to your site are no problem.

- A creative partner instead of a boss. This is not my game, it's OUR game (we're just not married, so it'll be a bastard child)



And finally, what i'm hoping for:

- We'll both enjoy creating this game equally.

- We'll have a lot of fun working on this project.

- We'll feel proud once we get the damn thing published and secretly dream of this becoming a featured game.

- The whole experience will be awesome enough for us to work together again some day.



So, if you're still interested, reply here of send me a pm with some samples of your work and i'll in touch!

Oh, some sounds effects and music will make it's way in there too, but are not really relevant in this part of the project. But feel free to let me know if you'd like to help out.


Thanks for your attention, any constructive feedback will be much appreciated!