Name Generator with lists

Name Generator with lists

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The archive includes the program as .jar and .sb. It is recomned to use the .sb, because it is faster and the list can be exported. You need Scratch to open the .sb. Rightclick the list to export the names as txt (Scratch only).
There are also a couple of .txt with outputted names.


You can create:

inn names: the program will try to start both parts with the same letter, e.g. Curious Captain

general names: the program will throw just some random letters together, e.g. Ozeev

and village names: the program will create a random British village name by combining 2 words typical for village names, e.g. Westhaven


It sucks, that you cannot upload .txt files here, but I uploaded a zip only with rendered names.

There are 11000 general names, 500 inn names and 500 village names included.


Here is a online version:

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