you get only peaces of art

you get only peaces of art


I'm an opensource developer and I don't want to criticize this site or the artists but I think most of the stuff found on this site is useless. It seems to me that most of the artist only publish there work if they know it's useless like this one:

Please tell me who exactly needs this?

I mean, you want that your art is used in opensource software but if an developer gets only peaces of art no art really matches how I'm supposed to use them?

In my opinion only "Kenney" and some others post really useful thinks.

Now a lot people will criticises me and say "this art is for free what you want". But that's wrong.

If I make a bad game, no one cares if it's for free. Even free mobile games are criticised by their users no matter they are for free or not.

the only thing I want is that if you release your art, pls make complete art that a developer can actually use.

Sorry for my bad english.