LPC style wolf

LPC style wolf

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I am back with another art request!  I checked to see who else might use it, because I think it'd "worth" more if multiple people can implement it in their games.


I talked to a couple folks from the Source of Tales game, and it's agreed that both they and I (for Valley of Concordia) could really use a wolf for our games.  I don't know if they plan on using it as an enemy or not, but I know I hope to have it be a "summonable" minion for Valley of Concordia.

VoC runs on the Flare Engine, and I'd be looking for a wolf in the LPC-style.  It'd need (for my purposes) a sitting or standing animation, a walking animation, and an attacking animation.  In my head, the sitting animation is 48x64 while the others are 64x48, but I'll roll with whatever an artist thinks looks good.

Any of the SoT folks want to weigh in with additonal concerns?