Valyria Tear character portraits request

Valyria Tear character portraits request

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Hi everyone, :)

Following a recent and righteous comment on Free Game Dev from BioHazardX, I'm opening this topic to request portraits for the 2D JRPG Valyria Tear, that feel missing for a certain number of characters in there:

Here is how a portrait is looking when used in game:


(Here above you can see the main Hero's mother talking)

The portrait file specs:

- A single image with transparent background

- Painterly (No pixel art, please)

- Lossless (png)

- A minimum of 200x200 pixels

- using the same tone and style than the example above (See also the portrait folder link below)

- Open licensed as CC by SA 3.0 or CC by 3.0


The characters missing portraits are for the given characters (in order of preference):

- Orlinn (Kalya - Heroin's brother):

- Herth (Important NPC):

- Lilly: (Important NPC)

- Olivia: (Nomad Merchant/Trader)


All the currently available portraits can be found here:


I won't make any profit out of those, and the content will be reused openly and people will be able to play the game freely.

Yet, would you accept to create one of those portraits against a fee, how much would it be?


Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,