LPC Artist Desired

LPC Artist Desired

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A good bit of LPC style stuff will get posted to OGA in the next week (by me of course). I've been working with Sharm to produce some tile sets for a game I'm in the process of making. I'm very happy with the quality of work Sharm produces but alas, it will not last much longer. I'm quite sad because Sharm will not be available for commissions for a while (otherwise engaged in something else, not my fault).

This means I'm in the market for someone who can do what Sharm does. I realize following after Sharm as a pixel artist is a tall order but I'm going to need more tiles as my game progresses. I still have quite a list of things I need made before I'm satisfied with the available LPC resources on OGA.

Does anyone know a good pixel artist who can make static tiles very well? If so there's a possible open commission. I'm willing to negotiate rates and terms but I'm going to need some samples to see what you can make. Sharm has a ton of stuff out in the open so she was my first pick. Naturally she's awesome at LPC art since she contributed huge amounts of the base art for the LPC contest.

Reply here or send a message if interested.