[LPC] Art Fantasies

[LPC] Art Fantasies

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If you had the best, most awesome LPC pixel artists in the world and you could choose anything your fancy desired, what would you have them make? I can think of a whole lot of things that don't exist in LPC style but I'm already working to rectify some of those things. What would you make (or have someone with good pixel art talent make) for a potential game?

My big things with non-player stuff right now are flowers, statues, and decorations! There are virtually no statues in LPC style and next to zero decorations that aren't intended to be used in some way like roads or walls or terrain tiles.

My big things with players is there are hardly any weapons! Where's an axe of any kind!? Where's a spear? Where's a crossbow? Where the heck are the improvised weapons? What about slings and war hammers and all the other awesome D&D style weapons that we imagine when we're fighting medieval skeletons and badies?

Share your thoughts on what LPC style pixel art you'd like to see in a game that may or may not exist. If something already exists and you could imagine a variation or different version that counts too.