In need of several faction emblems

In need of several faction emblems

Hello, im modelling some mechs and have planned 5 different camo textures for each one. Each camo would indicate belonging to a faction or squad depending on its color, but i would like to put an emblem or crest unique to each one. The visual style im hoping for is like this one from the "command and conquer" series, clean but direct and agressive:

The factions would be this ones (maybe with little changes in name) and all logos should depict its animal in one way or another:

- Winter wolfs -> Snow camo, blue and white logo , wolf head

- Jungle panthers -> jungle camo, green and black logo

- Grey hornets -> city/urban camo, greyscale color

- Desert scorpions -> desert camo, shades of brown

- Crimson hawks -> no camo color, black and red paintings


Its not like the animals are set in stone, if you think a different one would be cooler just tell me. Also, im fine which whatever license you use, but i would prefer cc-by or better cc0 (im going to give credit regardless of license)

I thank beforehand anyone who takes this request.