Looking for 2d artist for android game

Looking for 2d artist for android game

Hello all.

After some failed attemps, this indie developer wanabe have finally made a decent progress on my first game. I took inspiration from this game.

The game is math / tower defense mix with somewhat of a cartoony style. I think pretty much all the mechanics are created, just need some assets to be able to try to put it into the play store.

A lot (probably most?) of the graphic assets are taken from OGA, some from openclipart, and some was created by me (the most uggly one).

I plan to add advertisements to the game and I am using some CC-BY-SA3 art from this very site. From what I understand, CC-BY-SA3 is not very friendly when you attemp to gain a few bucks from a game, so I would like to change those assets specifically.


I think that by fullfilling these:

  • Tileset(s). Right now, I have made 2 maps using openpixel's tiles, which are CC-BY-SA3. 
  • Enemy(ies?) spritesheet. Right now I am using the very same skeleton from the game mentioned above.
  • Some UI could be great...however, this one I think I can manage to create something myself.

the game could get to a releasable / beta stage.


Here are some screenshots of the game:

And here's a video showing some gameplay


Unfortunately, right now I can't afford commissioning people, however, maybe it would be ok for you if we release the art here in OGA under CC0 / CC-BY once the game is released ?

I really hate asking from people to do / make something for me for free, but guess thats just my current situation.


Please let me know if anyone gets interested


PS: Two days ago i wrote such a better post for this...but it seems it never made it past the anti-spam filter...