I'm making a Java Game for my college project

And I have planned to make a puzzle game roughly based on the Alice Books by Lewis Caroll

The rough storyline is

  1.     Alice in my story, is a girl who lives in an Orpanage.... The Warden isn't very fond of her and so Alice faces many problems....
        One day she got tired and ran away from the Orphanage
        She ran aimlessly and foolishly enterered the Enchanted Forest known as Wonderland.... No one who enters, ever returns
  2.     In the forest, She meets the Absolem (The Caterpillar)...  (And this is how the Game starts)
        Absolem is a very wise Caterpillar and he is willing to help
        But for that you need prove that you have brains....
        He will ask you random questions about about random stuff
        He could ask you about which company does that logo belong to...
        Or what's the relation of my uncle's brother's only son to me.....
        If you Give correct answers he will give Alice a map .... A map that will lead her to her destiny
  3.     The Map leads through a Jungle.... In that Jungle Alice encounters the Cheshire cat.....
        Alice should be careful as Cheshire is in a very foul mood and Alice's being around doesn't help
        Help Cheshire open a Cryptex (Anyone seen Da Vinci Code?) by guessing a number or he won't let Alice pass
        It's a simple Puzzle in which you have to deduce the correct position of the number
  4.     Incidentally The Cat was going in the same direction as the Map
        He accompanies you to The Mad Hatter... The final destination of the Map
        Mad Hatter is a Genius Mathematician.... People call him Mad cuz no one really understands him
        He likes Challenging people with a game of Sudoku or Kakuro.....
  5.     After Alice wins the Maths Games.... The Hatter tells her the sad story of Wonderland
        Long ago, The Wonderlanders used to live in Harmony, but everything changed when The Red Queen Attacked
        Only the White Queen, masters of all puzzles, could stop her, but when the world needed her the most, she vanished...
        Now, Mad Hatter has formed a secret society.... The sole motto of this secret society is to find a new Queen and revolt against the Red Queen
  6.     The Hatter offers Alice to become the next queen but she declines the offer
        The Hatter requests Alice to join the society as a Pawn..... which she accepts after some thought
        Thus their journey to the Capital starts
        En-route they find many people whom they pursuade into joining (this is a simple Nibble/Snake game)
  7.     Then she meets different members of the secret society
        First is Humpty Dumpty...... He is a very Happy lil egg
        But during the meet.... A Red Knight attacked and Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, he was siting on
        Now we have to solve a simple 15-puzzle and restore Humpty to his original state
  8.     Next member is March Hare.....
        I haven't come up with any topic for this section yet
  9.     In the End, Alice reaches the Capital, the Eight's square, only to find that she has become a Queen (Pawn Promotion)
        Alice never realizes that The Hatter was aiming at this the whole time....
        Even though Alice is not very happy on being cheated..... She likes the sudden Grandeur that she just experienced.....
        She accepts her status and gets ready for the Final battle
        A chess Puzzle.... Solve it and you win against the Red Queen and thus you finish the game
  10.     When you finish the Game.... In the final screen you see The Hatter talking to Alice
        He tells her that Alice is, in reality, Hatter and the original White Queen
        Red Queen killed the White Queen and wanted to kill the baby Alice....
        To protect Alice, in her final moments White Queen manages to send Alice as far as possible
        Hatter had been waiting for the day she returns.... Then he welcomes her home


The End.



I'd love to get some feedback for the story :)
And also, I'd love Suggestions for Scene 8