Throne and Crown: Looking for Artists. -Rev share done right- Zelda/Gauntlet style MMORPG

Throne and Crown: Looking for Artists. -Rev share done right- Zelda/Gauntlet style MMORPG


If you're a 2d artist who wants to work on a 2d Zelda style game, read on.


We already have an engine:

The engine and mapmaker have been upgraded. They will continually be upgraded as we release each episode until it is about the complexity of a MMORPG. You will have allies to fight along side you eventually. Imagine having 1000 allies to fight with you as an army, but fight in a 2d action engine. People remember Warcraft3 where you controlled an army and a hero. In this game, your allies would be played by AI, but your hero is by you. Do you charge forward and fight stuff asap, or do you wait for your army to thin out the enemies before you engage? How do you put your army in formation? Ever play a game where you become a loot snob? Even the second best epic rare weapon is useless if you can only wield one weapon at a time in some MMORPGs. Well if you have dozens, hundreds or thousands of soldiers, you have a lot of people to hand down equipment. So you'll always have some place to use a good rare weapon. You'll conquer mines, towns, forests, trade routes, and enchanted territories that will give you daily resources. Other nearby players might compete to conquer them back. That is down the road though. At first the game will play like a 2d Zelda style game with overland exploration. Quests are designed with a system that you can't get stuck easily. There are different ways to contribute to solve the main problem. The game is good for powering up your character(no level cap, no power cap), and along the way you'll get some light humor. The game is planned for Facebook/Kongregate/Mochi/Android+joystick/iOS+joystick

What we're looking for:

Our contract affords artists of any commitment level. If you only want to make a few tiles or monsters, you get compensated. If you want to work hard and do a lot of art, you'll be compensated more. There is a document explaining how much each art piece is in terms of points(stock). When the game is complete, you add up your stock and divide against the total stock, and that is how much compensation you receive from the revenue.
This is the fair way to make sure people who slack don't bring the team down. In fact a slacker helps the team because some art is better than no art!

If you only work on the first episode, you'll still be compensated for future episode releases. You will have a revenue % worked out for each episode depending on how much work you did on each episode. An example is say if episode 3 is released and you did 20% work on episode 1, 25% on episode 2 but nothing in episode 3, you'll get (1/3 * 20%) + (1/3 * 25%) + (1/3 * 0%) = your revenue income on episode 3. (15% in this example)

I'll explain it more if you want. The key is that everything is documented up front so you know how much stock you get, and that you'll continually make money even if you don't work on future episodes.

In addition to artists, also what we're looking for:

We're looking for tile art.

We're looking for item art.

We're looking for animated monster art.

We're looking for single tile NPC art.

Maybe if you have some art laying around, you might want to negotiate to license us to use it for profit on revenue.


We have a team of three right now. We're very passionate about this game.

There is a playable demo I can let you try out, but I need to change placeholder art out for new placeholder art. So you might have to wait about a week or two to see it.

The speed of releasing this game is based on how quickly we can produce art for the game. The programming and map making only has a little more to be done, but it will go above and beyond if the art pipeline is delayed.

Again we're very passionate about this project, and it is built on a solid engine. We're looking for more artists who also would have a passion for making an extensive 2d action RPG.

Email: jimjobseek(AT)yahoo(DOT)com if you're interested or have questions and comments.