LPC Tile Atlas Contributors

LPC Tile Atlas Contributors

It might be easier this way, as it's a bit difficult for me (I'm dumb I guess) to understand who made exactly what in these tile atlas'.


LPC Tile Atlas - http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-tile-atlas

LPC Tile Atlas 2 - http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-tile-atlas2


If anyone who was a contributor reading this please keep reading if you wouldn't mind. 

I'm part of a project on a server for an online rpg, which I and my brother pay to keep up and develop on. We don't get paid for our work (scripting, images, etc) and probably never will. We just wanted to make something on here, but the thing is under the licenses for these Tile Atlas' it seems, according to this site, that all source code must be released with the server, which is impossible as I have no access to and cannot release the source code for the engine. 


I was hoping to list all the names on our prompt when getting on the server, as well as links to the original graphics for the work being credited, and being able to use the stuff from these tileset atlas'. If you were a contributor please let me know. 


I'm not quite understanding the text file if someone wouldn't mind explaining it to me as well (see the bold. in no way am I saying these people didn't make anything, I just don't seem to notice exactly what it was. Also it seems there is a lot more than what is listed on here, like sand tiles. Who made these?):





CC-BY-SA 3.0:

 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

 - See the file: cc-by-sa-3.0.txt

GNU GPL 3.0:

 - http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

 - See the file: gpl-3.0.txt


Note the file is based on the LCP contest readme so don't expect the exact little pieces used like the base one.

*Additional license information.


Assets from:


LPC participants:



Casper Nilsson (What did this person make to get permission to use on here?)

*GNU GPL 3.0 or later

email: casper.nilsson@gmail.com

Freenode: CasperN

OpenGameArt.org: C.Nilsson


 - LPC C.Nilsson (2D art)


Daniel Eddeland (What did this person make to get permission to use on here?)

*GNU GPL 3.0 or later

 - Tilesets of plants, props, food and environments, suitable for farming / fishing sims and other games. 

 - Includes wheat, grass, sand tilesets, fence tilesets and plants such as corn and tomato. 



Johann CHARLOT  (What did this person make to get permission to use on here?)

*GNU LGPL Version 3. 

*Later versions are permitted.

Homepage  http://poufpoufproduction.fr

Email     johannc@poufpoufproduction.fr


 - Shoot'em up graphic kit


Skyler Robert Colladay   (What did this person make to get permission to use on here?)


 - FeralFantom's Entry (2D art)


BASE assets:



Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm)



 - barrel.png

 - brackish.png

 - buckets.png

 - bridges.png

 - cabinets.png

 - cement.png

 - cementstair.png

 - chests.png

 - country.png

 - cup.png

 - dirt2.png

 - dirt.png

 - dungeon.png

 - grassalt.png

 - grass.png

 - holek.png

 - holemid.png

 - hole.png

 - house.png

 - inside.png

 - kitchen.png

 - lava.png

 - lavarock.png

 - mountains.png

 - rock.png

 - shadow.png

 - signs.png

 - stairs.png

 - treetop.png

 - trunk.png

 - waterfall.png

 - watergrass.png

 - water.png

 - princess.png and princess.xcf



Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike)



 - female_walkcycle.png

 - female_hurt.png

 - female_slash.png

 - female_spellcast.png

 - male_walkcycle.png

 - male_hurt.png

 - male_slash.png

 - male_spellcast.png

 - male_pants.png

 - male_hurt_pants.png

 - male_fall_down_pants.png

 - male_slash_pants.png



Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel)



 - bat.png

 - bee.png

 - big_worm.png

 - eyeball.png

 - ghost.png

 - man_eater_flower.png

 - pumpking.png

 - slime.png

 - small_worm.png

 - snake.png



Manuel Riecke (AKA MrBeast)



 - hairfemale.png and hairfemale.xcf

 - hairmale.png and hairmale.xcf

 - soldier.png

 - soldier_altcolor.png



Daniel Armstrong (AKA HughSpectrum)



Castle work:


 - castlewalls.png

 - castlefloors.png

 - castle_outside.png

 - castlefloors_outside.png

 - castle_lightsources.png



Thanks for you're time anyone. :) Sorry for such a long post, but I do not want to steal. We had started to put together a tileset and make a few maps, until I read a little more on this site in the FAQ saying we e to release ALL content of the project (which again is impossible). I read the licenses at little for the CC BY-SA and GPL 3 and it seems it is just referring to the exact assets you are using and not the entire project, e.g. the graphics from here, where original links and names must be supplied (correct me if I'm wrong). Either way, I need to know exactly who to credit for certain things if permission is given to use these tiles off the atlas.