Minor art submission policy change

Minor art submission policy change

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Hey folks.

I just wanted to let everyone know that from here on, if the admins and I see a bunch of small, similar submissions by the same author on the front page, we'll be combining them manually into a single submission.  The author and the licenses will be preserved, however comments and favorites will not (although points earned from favorites will still count).

I'm sorry to have to do this, and I hate messing with peoples' submissions, but first and foremost the archive needs to be as useful and searchable as possible.

A couple notes:

  • At this time, submissions will have to be merged manually, so we prefer not to have to do it at all.  If you want to sumbit a number if small items, please either wait until you've made a bunch of them, or create a single submission and then edit it to add the new items.  That will save the admins time.
  • We won't be combining old submissions until there's a more automated way of doing it, that will create redirect links.  Link rot is bad. :)
  • The submissions that we merge will be at the discretion of the admins.  Please note that we're all volunteers (including me) so we can't watch the site 24/7.  If you see a bunch of small submissions by the same author on the front page, please let us know over IRC.
  • It is okay to gently and politely inform people that their submissions may be combined, but remember that new community members may not be aware of this policy.  Do not assume malice on the part of the submitter.  (If someone turns out to be deliberately trolling, let the admins deal with it.)

For admins:

When merging submissions, save the preview and download files to your local hard drive, then edit a single submission by that author (pick the most convenient one) and re-upload all of the previews and downloads to that submission.  Update the title and description to describe the changes.  Finally, unpublish (do not delete!) the rest of the submissions.  Don't merge submissions unless the author and licenses are exactly the same. 

Examples of things that we might merge:

  • Single platformer tiles
  • Single texture images
  • Things that don't take much time to create individually