Looking for artist for 2D top down multiplayer game

Looking for artist for 2D top down multiplayer game

So first off I'm Eric, a developer for OUYA, right now I'm working on a 3D game called OUYA cubed for the OUYA but at the same time I'd really like to work on something as a side project that'd be a fun couch game. 

It'll be top down 1 V 3, the one person is a monster of some sort (minotaur, bronze bull, giant Ram, something of that nature) that is trying to escape a maze like area. The three players will be able to collect consumables that will be effective against the monster at different times. Strength of monster can be adjusted for less players or npcs can work for

The three "heros" can look the same just different colors. They'd probaly need to be able to do the following things

walk in 4 directions

Run in 4 directions

swing sword in 4 directions

fire arrows/throw spears in 4 directions

Brandish pike in four directions (large spear they hold out in front of them to catch things that run at them fast)

Possibly other weapon types to be disscussed

Being hit/knocked backed


The monster would need to be able to do these things

Prepare to charge in 4 directions

Charge in 4 directions

walk in four directions (no running, only way to move fast is to charge)


running into a wall


be knocked back

Possibly other things


Price can be disscussed based on quality of samples and how long you think you'll take.


Anyway thanks for your time, have a good day all.