Open Game Builder

Open Game Builder

I'm working on a project. I just started playing with it and it's kinda taken on a life of it's own.

Concept: Allow users to build a playable "world" within a given area. Connect all those areas to create a larger game.


I'm looking for feedback and folks to early beta test. (Ummm, very early Beta test, do NOT get mad if I wipe your maps. I will try to give warning if I do this)

Any feedback or thoughts is appreciated. I'm thinking this might make a great tie-in to and would be interested in collborations once I reach a point where I think it's production ready.

Game seems to work best in chrome.


So far, I've implemented the followi


  • Explore map
  • Generate a dynamic map
  • Allow users to explore the map
  • Allow user to claim an area
  • Allow users to Fight dumb AI 
  • Allow users to upload custom tilesets
  • Allow users to "edit" the world with custom or existing tilesets.

      And some screenshots....