Bart's JRPG engine project

Bart's JRPG engine project

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Hey folks. :)

Those of you who hang out in our IRC channel have probably seen me talking about the RPG engine that I'm working on (not to be confused with pfunked's OSARE).  It's a top-down tile non-isometric tile-based game engine, and my ultimate plan is to build a whole RPG on top of it.   The editor, which I'm developing alongside the game, will likely be released after the RPG itself, as I'd prefer that the RPG be seen as a real game and not just a tech demo.  For the record, if I can't complete the RPG in two years, I'll be releasing the editor under the GPL anyway.

At any rate, I'm approaching the point where the engine is ready for me to build the first big tech demo.  In it, you will take control of a party of characters who will venture into the town sewers and defeat the evil Rat King.  This will not be the plot of my final game. :)

As it stands, my engine supports maps with any tile size, any sprite size, and any number of layers, which can all be independent sizes.  Scripting is done with JavaScript.  The engine is built on top of Qt, which means I can leverage Qt's robust GUI for use in my game.  At the moment, I have only one widget implemented (a box that appears when people talk), but I'll be expanding this soon.

So, to get to the point where I can build my first tech demo, I pretty much just need to get rid of a couple of bugs in the editor and make undo/redo functionality work.  After that, I'll build the complete adventure, minus combat.

The second tech demo will be the same adventure with a Final-Fantasy-like battle system, written (presumably) in JavaScript.  For that, I'll need to add a number of new widgets (menus, status bars, etc) and figure out how I'm going to deal with character stats and the like.  Should be interesting. :)

Anyway, I'll try to post a screen here some time in the next few days.  Wish me luck. :)