Hextraction | Base Player Pod

Hextraction | Base Player Pod


The main pod unit from our game, Hextraction, which is currently on Kickstarter! All of us at ComboMash are planning to make all of our custom art available and open sourced. We've received a lot of help and used assets over the year from open source communities and wanted to give back, so enjoy this early model and we'll have much more to come once the game is complete!

Included in the ZIP

  • hextraction_pod.mb (Maya 2014, fully rigged)
  • hextraction_pod.fbx (model & joints, no rigging)
  • hextraction_pod.obj (model only)
  • p_pod_diffuse.jpg (Diffuse Map)
  • p_pod_emission.jpg (Emission Map)
  • p_pod_normal.jpg (Normal Map)
  • p_pod_sepc.jpg (Specular Map)

If you enjoy using our art, please feel free to share what you've created with us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

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And be sure to check out our project on Steam Greenlight and lend us a "Yes" vote so we can start selling the game and provide all sorts of awesome new art!


hextraction_pod.zip hextraction_pod.zip 2.9 Mb [2306 download(s)]