Sorting on Collections (and some other suggestions)

Sorting on Collections (and some other suggestions)

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I maintain (with some help) the LPC art collection. When I visit the page, the art is in the order which it was added to the collection (I think). Instead, it would be nice to have that collection ordered by the most popular art first. This should make the best art more easily accessible in very large collections like this one.

Other random thoughts on collections:

  • Instead of sorting, maybe highlight popular art in a certain way (bronze/silver/gold like the badges?).
  • Some sort of "subscribe for updates" that emails you when new art is added to the collection.
  • Visible tags on the sidebar (like art has).
  • Perhaps some sort of indication of what the collection's lowest-common licenses would be.
  • Do I really deserve points for people favoriting the collection? I have a gold badge in "Popular", but most of those points are from the collection, not art.

These are all just random ideas. I'm not particularly attached to any of them.