2D Voltigeur Contest Annoucement

2D Voltigeur Contest Annoucement

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Dear OGA community,

After publishing my 2D French Voltigeur (free sample here) I thought we could have some fun together by proposing a contest.

I will give away 10 codes redeemable at Scirra Store for the full version of my 2D French Voltigeur.

Create something amazing with my free OGA sample, preferably in HTML5 (you can use Construct2), host it somewhere and send the link here or in the comments. Be creative, you can make a short movie, a short game, a short ... something. Best authors will receive redeem code via contact form or email. 

Contest ends on Monday 15 Sep 2014 06:00 PM (GMT). I will annouce the winners after receiving the last submission and finish reviewing.

Be creative, good luck and remember to have fun !

Check out my demo for inspiration.