Need Help From a Music Composer

Need Help From a Music Composer

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Background (Don't have to read):

As a very small portion of you know, over the last two years I have been creating a mobile game for iOS/Android/Windows.  I am now to the point of having my game engine done and am adding a story line, arranging levels, and adding music.  I am a solo developer and do game development because I love creating art and programming.

Since I am not a gifted composer, I wanted to see if a fellow OGA contributor would like to take a swing at a request I have for my main menu.  I was thinking a music track to accompany my light hearted theme.



Music Type:


Inspiration Images:

Clouds, Balloons, Light Breeze, Hot Air Balloon Ride

Current Music Inspiration:

UP Soundtrack (Start at 2:30):

This Soundtrack:

This Soundtrack:


Let me know if you are interested!  Thank you.