I need 2D Shooter sprites

I need 2D Shooter sprites

I have a game in mind but all i can do is the coding part, not graphics, this is a small zombie shooter but for now i would need: 2 topdown zombies, Look different(1 Fat, 1 Thin)

                      :1 topdown main character(Holding Pistol)

                      :2 extra guns(With Character holding them)

                      :Power ups(Health, extra money etc...)

I know i am asking WAAAAAAAAAAY too much for free but i will for sure:

Inlcude your username(or what you want) in the game credits.

and this could be a reference for when you get paid for bigger games

If intrested send me an email at: gamesdevdev@gmail.com with your idea of the character only.

Thank you,