Sci-fi Freak Out Ambiance

Sci-fi Freak Out Ambiance


Here is another atmosphere/sound-scape. I started out thinking sci-fi FPS, and ended up with some pretty weird atonal stuff. I actually went back and made sure it was much less "modern", but I've been listening to too much serialism these days I guess. It is still very ackward, and even I don't really know what to think of it...I guess it would best fit a serious game, or something somewhat experimental.

I tried to play a lot with silence in this composition. Silence is such a strong tool. By the way, it isn't mixed at all, so if you ever feel like using this, I could definitely compress/EQ the hole thing a bit. I'd love to see how someone would incorporate this into a game :)


Special instructions:

If you ever use this and your game is a paid one, I'd require a free copy of said game. :)

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Philippe Groarke
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