Torzans game code discussion

Torzans game code discussion

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Based on this post from Tozan:

I find batch script to be an interesting language.  But lacks the execution speed.   and also lacks a 3d engine, and lacks also the Transparency needed for Sprites and animation.   In writing the game, I find i have to define alot of different variables. Because this game has a thousand level progressions in it, but its not just level progressions but also damage progressions, health progressions and random progressions. And I am wondering if there is an much easier shorter way to code all the progressions.

if %curlvl% EQU 2 set /a dmg=%random% %%100+10
if %curlvl% EQU 3 set /a dmg=%random% %%120+10
if %curlvl% EQU 4 set /a dmg=%random% %%140+10
if %curlvl% EQU 5 set /a dmg=%random% %%160+10 (ect.ect)

Money reward Progression:

if %curlvl% EQU 2 set maxmoney=1062
if %curlvl% EQU 3 set maxmoney=1168
if %curlvl% EQU 4 set maxmoney=1836
if %curlvl% EQU 5 set maxmoney=2080

Experience given progression:

if %curlvl% EQU 1 set addxp=400 

if %curlvl% EQU 2 set addxp=500
if %curlvl% EQU 3 set addxp=500
if %curlvl% EQU 4 set addxp=600
if %curlvl% EQU 5 set addxp=700


As for Godot, how do you get anything to render?  I still can't get anything to display up in the viewports, I go into new resources and load the different resources in but nothing shows up on the 3d viewport.  nothing renders.  the program also has layout issues. Everything under resources is all put into one big long scroll menu and the smaller menus also have too many options, you can't dock the menus to customize them to suit your own needs and also the documention of the program, its advanced. couched deep in its own programming code so its not gonna suit all users.

I couldn't find any documentation to explain all the Godot script, nor did I see any scripting examples that I could load in to see how the scripts is actually structured........ Because if there's no install, (I didn't see the program unpack and install anything) or tell me where the program is being installed to, it just only creates a project directroy and if the program only just runs in memory, how can I find the godot script examples?  Where are all the script demonstrations for this program?

So I can't find much solid structure in this program, its just a few things been slapped together to help in 3d modeling, and texturing, its  a front end of some sort, dosen't look like a full game engine, its more like a 3d modeling resource helper. As for windows, half of windows does sit on a bunch of batch files.

Having all these many languages and formats, the growing list just makes things more complicated for those who don't know all of those languages and formats.  Clear, concise documentation has to be written for each of them.

One of the advantages I had in doing the game in simple windows batch script, is that I could get it written very fast and get a rough idea of what the whole gameworld is goig to look like BEFORE trying to attempt to do this game inside a 3d engine., had I tried to write it in C+++, I would be here for YEARS trying to get the scripting all done in that language, that's why I didn't choose C++.

But I don't know how to go about creating this type of game on a 3d game engine because with a game like this I need the engine to draw sectors of it at a time when rendering (seamless backloading) as the whole game playing area is just too big for the engine to render it all at once but most 3d engines limit you as to how much area space you are allowed to render.  So just like Red Faction Editor, I need to Daisy chain all the sectors through seamless loading. Or like they did in Morrowind to provide smooth seamless endless scrolling of all the game regions. I don't know how to set it up like that in a 3d game engine.

You'll soon see what I mean, by writing a huge game out in windows batch script. here's the map (NOT finished yet) for the Trolll Mountains Region and this is just one of three sectors for the region. These playing screens have been put roughly together to give an outline of what the sector will look like (that's why there are many copies of the player in the pictures. This is just to give is  a rough look as to what the map will be like once its all been seamed.). 

As this game is huge, has over 20 square miles to roam around i and i did this game because I like playing open world non linear outdoor rpg games..

Each one of these screens contain about 2 thousand lines of code each because of all the many different progressions variables that had to be defined to get the game to play out as a hack 'b' slash grinder progression level exploration game...

What a big difference this game would make if it could only scroll all its screens and have animated rigged models roaming around..


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