WIP Simple Roguelike spritesheet and tileset

WIP Simple Roguelike spritesheet and tileset

Hi all!
I am browsing opengameart for a long time and I really enjoy it, some artwork are trully amazing! and the community is nice.
I am trying to make my own little game since a while and today I would like to share my WIP sprites and ideas to get opinions and feebacks.

(Please note that I am not an artist - nor a programmer ^^).

Here is what I have in mind :
- The game will be a roguelike.
- Deadly simple graphics (because I am not an artist! but I hope will improve myself).
- One square to rule them all: everything fit in this square (much easier to program; but also a bit simplistic)
- The square is 64*64: It's large enough to play, but if I want I can reduce it easily
- I was inspired by Dawnlike and by the android games "Pixel Kingdom" and "Pixel Dungeon" (I like this "squarish"/flat effect, it's cute, easy to reproduce).
- Keep the spritesheet conception simple : create a new item in a layer and just copy/paste above the base for each frame: so no rotating pixel.
- I want something simple (did I already said it?) to make prototyping easy, fast result and diversity, that's why I divided the equipment into slots (I hope my game will manage them)
- Each line corresponds to an animation of 4 stances (except the first one): static(breath), walk, mele attack, ranged attack, cast, hit, death.
- To keep my work coherent I used DawnBringer 32 palette (I think I heard about it around here).

Tell me what do you think of it. Feel free to criticize any subject you think it need to be, but I mainly need feedback on:
- The general shape
- Color and texture
- "Framing"
- Light
- Movement (and the motion blur)
- hmm...that's quite a lot

This is not my first attempt, just a version I'm not ashamed of and I begin to have fun experimenting things with it. I would like to find improvement directions,
that's why I need your help folks!

I uploaded the spriteheet, the tileset, a gif and a (future) in game example. Here you can find a json (animation) file for Nanim studio.

spritesheet2.png spritesheet2.png 8.6 Kb [44 download(s)]
wip_dun.png wip_dun.png 19.3 Kb [31 download(s)]
wip.gif wip.gif 34.4 Kb [18 download(s)]
wip_ex_dun.png wip_ex_dun.png 54.1 Kb [18 download(s)]