Going to start a new game project

Going to start a new game project

I am thinking of making a game that has story-driven characters in it that you can roam around with to interact with that has text dialog, along with the usual threats coming from hired people from rogue factions or corrupt organizations that's has infected the good of the galaxy again blablabla, so it will be driven by modules, along with big open outdoor areas for the planets and cities on them, have a ship so you can walk all around and interact with everybody in it,..... and you start the game off in your ship. at and you start in the Solaris system. For a project like this I have to break it down into small little modules..so I can work on one module at a time.

I So know what type of game I want to make, I just don't have all the resources, or know what tools I need to use to do all the different modules in so I can just seamless load each module in. (Daisy chain the modules together so it cuts down the framerate).   may even have a vehicle to drive around in for the planets on certain missions with the larger areas.  lot of story driven games now have that.

I think the combat part on the planets in the facilities will be the hard part to try to do because I don't know anything about how to rig or animate all the weapons and models to bring them all to life..

So I'm not worried at the moment about animation and rigging models and combat missions or cutscenes at waypoints the moment, just want to start on the game graphics environments and stick in all the unrigged models (if I can find sutiable ones to use) if you guys let me use them i will give credit, in the game modules get all the story driven text diagloging of the characters done, the user hud and other stuff, I might start with the ship's map system, this is not easy to piece this all together because I'm not sure how to do all of the many parts yet and also have to include all the silly worthless things they sometimes say to you  in the marketplaces to just waste your time, put in uselesss traders of those who do help you, and those you just waste your money on giving you stuff that's only good for low levels and useless at higher levels, also people who want you to do favours for them who are up to no good at all, people who want to join your cause  only later to try to screw you out to the organization they are secretly working for.  A power hungery galactic boss that runs all of these corrupt organizations on all these planets.  Do all the different tradings, the different factions and find the graphics for them and do their stations.   Probably have to design their banners and logos. ect. there be ambushes at times from these factions, ect.

Guys, I need to know what game engine to build all the different modules in, need an game engine with a player that already has a weapon so i can walk around at least. and one that is not hard to script, and that is easy to build all the game geometry in and texture everything in it and allow me to shape it to what I want..  Most people say UNreal, is the best choice but I am not familiar with Unreal... its like blender to me.  Something a little more easier and a bit less complicated..

I used to build my own maps in Red Faction's Red Editor, where in that engine you hollow all the game world out... I found that game engine nice and easy to do things in, rig the models and so on, but I need to use another game engine. 

I also need to know how to put a talk icon graphic on the model that only show up when the mouse passes over the model it so I

can initatize talk with them. I don't know how to do that yet.