Looking for artists for turn base startegy game PocketHeroes

Looking for artists for turn base startegy game PocketHeroes


The PocketHeroes game was developed by  me several years ago as remake of Heroes of Might and Magic game for WindowsMobile. You can use google to see screens:



That time I reuse copirighted graphics from Heroes of Might and Magic II and III games. Later I've released my product as Open Source. One of PocketHeroes level designed has decided to continue development of PocketHeroes and he created his own project PalmHeroes, which is based on PocketHeroes open source:


Few years ago this project was ported to iOS platform. So, in my opinion, PalmHeroes project is failed because the latest version of this product looks very ugly. 


Now, I want to revive PocketHeroes project and make high qulaity iOS and Android product with new art. So, I'm looking for old school artists who want to partipiate in this project.