Sprite based on character sketch

Sprite based on character sketch


I'm in the middle of prototyping a game of my own. I want to focus solely on the prototyping for now so I want outsource the art to someone more reliable than me for now. The game is a Hack n Slash platformer much like Megaman series with world like the Megaman Zero 1 and ZX which you can explore without entering mission and weapon intended to be fast paced. The game is set in post apocalypse world where the world was torn up by WW3 and you as one the survivor to survive and experience the after effect of war.

Character Concept

The character design by me and licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

This the spritesheet I used for prototyping right now. The dimension is 64x64. If it is possible I want to keep the sprite in the format I had aligned. This spritesheet was taken from this free resource by Jeet

Note that you can release the sprites as your own as long as I can use it for my project and comercial purpose. It is your hard work and you should take all the credit except for the concept.

Finally, If it is possible I want some help for her little sisters too but this time it is 32x32 in dimension with the same spritesheet and animation.

Thanks in advance ^^ I would love to work again with you and I might pay the next time I'll need your help.