Weekly Challenge: Espionage (due Dec 20th)

Weekly Challenge: Espionage (due Dec 20th)

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Let's do one last big Weekly Challenge for 2010: Espionage!

I chose this topic as a nod to Wikileaks dominating the world-wide news lately.

Spy movie music has a distinctive style.  Bond movies are full of cars and gadgets that would make good 3D models.  Spy movies have steel briefcases, silenced pistols, tuxedos and evening gowns.  Anything cloak and dagger related (hell, even cloaks or daggers).

How about computer displays showing hacking attempts?  Secret schematics showing a doomsday weapon?  Maps of a building showing infiltration plans?

  • Entries are due Dec 20th
  • Tag your entries: Weekly Challenge, Espionage