Animation Help!

Animation Help!

It's me again ^^ I'd been modeling this character for an open-source project. I'm also working on other project as well, since it will licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 anyway, I hope for a collaboration to finish her up and to study others animation technique. It is rigged and ready for animation but feel free to re-rig her cause mine wasn't that good anyway. I also had optimised her mesh but you might find her skirt to be somewhat tricky to get it right.

The Character

By the time I wrote this, I had not given her a name, I just called her Red Riding Reaper for fun sake. Prior to the game, she was just a coward and timid little girl who had lost her only family she had,  her aunt to the werewolves. She were saved by a Woodchopper who happen to be a Werewolves Hunter. The man teaches her how to fight and send her off to defend a town threaten by a Lycan Lord and his army of werewolves. This is where the game start. She is still a timid and coward girl in the first half of the game but eventually grown up to be a great Hunter on her own.

I'm requesting for the basic animation:

1. Idle (with a scythe)

2. Run forward + backward + side (ready to fight)

3. Jump

4. Melee Attack (with scythe) at around 2- 3 attack type


5. Ranged Attack (with a gun/pistol)

6. Spell Casting (anyway you can think with her left hand while holding her scythe on the right)

7. Dead & Dying (yeah that's two)

The Game

The engine I mentioned is this . It was an engine built to be a specificly for RPG game like Elder Scroll and Fallout series. What I'm trying to do now is trying to break the mould by creating a game that is not the genre the engine was built upon. The wiki contain enough technical specificationabout the engine .

It's demo for the engine debut, I'm planning to have Hack n Slash mixed with Tower Defense and Wave Survival. There will be werewolves that you had to fight in waves before you you can proceed to next stage. The theme is based on Red Riding Hood twisted fairytale, this is when the girl learn to fight her way to conquer her own feeling, from a coward and timid to brave and strong story.

I opted for a stylized Artstyle of the TLOZ Skyward Sword game as a reference for artstyle. What I mean by it were handpainted texture, abstract style environment.Much like this one project of mine

Note: Still in development and yeah made with Lamiae.

The atmosphere of the game changes from being a gloomy at the start and will became a little brighter as she gain more courage in the middle of the game but fall into desperation at the end of the game. I guess the ending should be kept secret for now :P . 

The engine will be release after we have finish this Demo. We had no deadline when because we just sort of work on our own pace. But I guess I could say I need to finish this model by the end of this month. 20th of May sound realistic enough. You can update your work in this thread.

My Role

I'm volunteering for the project cause it's fun as an Artist, I'm handling the Artstyle design, the environment, the character design and much more for this project. It's fun but I might need some help here and there. Since it is an Open-source project, I guess it is right to request help here.

Well I'm working oon my own project too so that's another reason ^^" 

Thanks you if you want to volunteer and help me out with this one. I'll be sure to find you again if I had any project that I can pay for in the future.

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