Official new project name: FLARE

Official new project name: FLARE

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I am officially changing the name of this project from OSARE (open source action roleplaying engine) to FLARE (free libre action roleplaying engine).  I actually think Flare has a nicer ring and is more marketable.

Backstory: I sent an email to Richard Stallman asking if he's interested in supporting Justin Nichol's Creative Commons Fantasy Portrait Project

He pointed out that the difference between "open source" and "free" or "free/libre" and noted this:

"However, if you decide to describe it "free" or "free/libre" instead of "open source", then I would be honored to participate."

Stallman's lectures are what convinced me in the first place to use the GPL for my work, and to be interested in copyleft licenses in general.  I'm quite honored that he answered my email at all, and I agree with his reasoning.  So, the rename is here.

I'll be scrubbing the website, forums, etc. for the name change.  Also, I have a neat logo idea that fits Flare well....