2D Top-Down App Art Request

2D Top-Down App Art Request

I am in the late stages of game development and will be needing art before I release it to the app store. 

So what is the game? Well, its a large overhaul of the classic Bomerman series. Bomberman was lots of fun but it can be done better and I feel that that is what I did! Some differences include new in-game powerups, multiplayer, and new map designs. Here is what the game currently looks like. 

In this screencap we can see many of the games elements. 

  • In the top right, it's a little hard to see ( needs fixed ) we can see the players stats. How many bombs they can have at once, how fast they move, and how big the explosions are. 
  • Bottom left is a joystick for player movement
  • Bottom right is the "bomb button." Clicking this drops a bomb at the players current location
  • Three kinds of powerups: The bombs with the plus lets you drop more bombs at once, the running man increases your speed and the mushroom cloud increase the blast area.
  • The orange circle is the player
  • Brick walls are unpassable walls
  • Crates can be destroyed by explosions

This shows the very basic limits of the game. How it is designed much more can be done with it including any number of powerups, map sizes and layouts, and plenty of players!  So now lets talk textures! Textures that are needed include... ( as well as their current dimensions )

  • Indestructable Wall Texture ( 96x96 pixels )
  • Breakable Wall Texture ( 96x96 pixels ) 
  • Player Texture ( 60x60 pixels )
  • Bomb Texture ( 72x72 pixels )
  • Explosion Texture ( 96x96 pixels ) ( Can be animated, doesn't have to be though )
  • Powerups: Speed, Bombs, Blast Power ( 60x60 pixels ) ( Can be animated, doesnt have to be though )
  • Background Image: ( This varies depending on the map size, currently its mapWidth * wallSize x mapHeight * wallSize )
  • Joystick Texture ( 100x100 pixels )
  • Bomb Button ( 100x100 pixels )
  • Splash Image ( 750x1334 and 1242x2208 pixels )
  • App Icons ( 120x120 pixels )


  • Since it's a multiplayer game, there needs to be a way to determine a difference among players, most likely colors
  • If you want something to be outside the arena to make it look nice ( some texture ), it would be greatly appreciated. Currently it's just black and that's fine in the meantime
  • Walls and crates can be different. There can be different themes like industrial or desert etc... Up to you
  • A creative name is also greatly appreicated 
  • The green and blue lines that are seen are being used in development to see physics, these will not be there in the final release. This also goes for the node counter and fps 

If you are intersted let me know. There is currently no real timeline for when this needs to be done so that is not really a problem. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!