FOSS Games played,playing and recommending.

FOSS Games played,playing and recommending.

Hi all,

Starting a thread where people can prod,point, rant perhaps FOSS games. What we like/liked or didn't. Something on those lines. If we like a project, where is it failing or could be done better, something on those lines. It could motivate more people to join a project or help out in the little things which could make the whole ecosystem better. Just an idea.

So here are couple I liked, both are in development so here goes nothing:-

a. Sumwars .  For a long long time I had been searching for a good finished or semi-finished FOSS RPG game. Something which is not sci-fish or has horror or lot of dark in nature. Something which doesn't have me thinking every 2 seconds . Sumwars ( is a game I am enjoying .The game has few bugs and few issues but overall a fun game. I have been playing for over 3~4 days now (off and on) and am simply amazed. Have done 4-5 quests so far and guessing there are still a few more to go. If you can, have a go at it.

b. Dawn-rpg :- Another game, dissimilar and yet similar in the sense, in both the protagnists are male. While the above one has had few years in making, this one is recent, so just one quest so far. Again, few issues and bugs but overall it could be a good game.

The main difference I have seen so far is that the first one needs a major overhaul of the site, the forums, have some decent bugtracker and being able to let people see svn commits. They do have lot of content but needs organization.

The second one, while they have put lot of stress on creating the right environment and they have done the right things, they still need to create more news and content so there's excitement about the project.

Its just a short take on two projects, lemme know what you guys think.