Blender file format

Blender file format

Hi all.

Most 3D models here are stored in blender format, and the programmer who want to use them has to know how to read them. The file format is not easy to understand, so I'm starting a thread here to discuss about it.

For the moment, I'm interested in reading v 2.49 files such as

The basic way to parse a blend file is given here :

All data structures are given here :

So far, I can load vertices and skeleton. I think I could find how to read animations. I will update my post later and upload a python script to explain this.

But I definitely can't find where rigging information is stored : if someone has a hint or link, please post them (my few tries googling didn't gave me anything). What I'm looking for is for each vertex the list of bones (and weights) it is linked to.

Another question : is there some people here who would find usefull to create a simple 3D file format ? (or reuse an existing one if it has the good specs). The goal would be to have light 3D files to spead up their loading, for instance for webgl games.