Site FAQ/Submission Guidelines Updates/Changes

Site FAQ/Submission Guidelines Updates/Changes

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Based on a number of different comment and forum threads that have come up recently, I present the following request for site FAQ and submission guidelines changes:


- Synchronize text between Site FAQ and Submission Guidelines, so they agree and the same information/guidelines are present on both.   


- Add/link short form license description to submission guidelines/site faq.  Something like what is currently at: but tweaked to include all available licenses on OGA.


- Add explicit mention of anti-DRM clause in descriptions of CC-BY and CC-SA licenses.


- Add language explicitly prohibiting 're-licensed' or 'compatible' license submissions (eg. BSD submitted as CC-BY, etc. etc)


- Add language recommending (though not requiring) that submitters obtain permission before submitting someone else's work. 


- Make link to submission guidelines more prominent on submission form


- Add language detailing what constitutes a derivative work (eg. traceovers, copies, anything that uses another work as a 'base', re-colors, use of trademarked characters, etc) to submission guidelines


- Add language explicitly stating that preview images fall under the same license as the submission and that they should not include copyrighted images, etc. that are not part of the submission or released under the same license as the submission.


None of this is meant to be critical of the existing stuff, just some adds that would help clarify a few things and hopefully prevent some of the issues that have come up with recent submissions.