Onision's music

Onision's music

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I just got permission from Youtube celebrity and musician Gregory "Onision" Jackson, to use his music for this site.  The general licensing disclaimer for his music is slightly ambiguous, so I posted a thread on his site asking if it was okay, and his response was "It doesn't matter what you use it in - so long as it is legal & you give credit to "Onision" in the project itself - you will be fine."

My predicament is that I have several hundred of his songs on my computer, and I'm not very qualified to pick out what would be useful for OGA, as I'm not a very musically-inclined person.  I'll upload a few songs as a teaser, and if anybody is interested in sorting through a few hundred more, I'll upload a torrent.  They're all available to download on his site, but the only way currently to download them as bulk is if you're a registered member of the forum with a certain post count, so that's why a torrent would be more useful (and would save the man some bandwidth).

Would anybody be interested in sorting through the mess?  Some of it's crap, but there a quite a few gems.

Here's an example track: http://opengameart.org/content/7227-news-theme