I have started modeling work on my video game

I have started modeling work on my video game

My modeler who was doing this project, (volunteer project) she suddenly had a big commercial project come up from out of nowhere, (sometimes that happens) so I have to find another 3d modeler now to finish off my model as the commander for my game is not fully completed yet.  Just his aesthetics need to be polished up and a bit more tweaking with him needs to be done.  The model was made with Blender.

I'm also looking for any volunteer male voice actors to help as well, because due to health issues my female voice over person who was currently working on some of my game female voice roles is unable to continue to voice over for me at this time to finish off the dialog, so I am now looking for male voice overs for doing the male roles of the game while I wait to see if she can resume when she is feeling much better.

Need to put a Sc-Fi 26th century ship mlitary uniform also on the commander, with the commander insignia symbol on the shoulder.

The game itself was a big project consiting of many worlds and systems, so I can only get a little modeling of it done at a time of those who are willing to lend a hand.







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