Random Dungeons

Random Dungeons

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One big difference between Flare and standard roguelikes is the lack of random dungeon generation.

The main reasons why there aren't random dungeons yet.

  • Flare is a work in progress.  Most players aren't used to seeing half-baked games (present company excluded)
  • Doing random dungeons well is hard.

Tartos showed us various implementations of random dungeons during the v0.10 release:


His algorithms do a decent job of creating simple dungeons.  Mainly of interest is his automapper (takes wall vs. floor layouts and translates those to valid wall tile choices).

Some of the challenges of random dungeon generation:

  • It's far easier to get a high quality level when doing it by hand than by building an algorithm.  Compare the variety of map layouts already in Flare to the random dungeons created in e.g. Diablo 1 or 2, or roguelikes.
  • You almost need a new algorithm for each tileset.  E.g. in Diablo 1 or 2, you can almost tell what Chapter of the game you're in by looking at an automap of the area.
  • In the time it would take to get random dungeon generation right, I could finish Flare :)

But the obvious benefits of random dungeon generation:

  • Replay value
  • A real sense of exploration

So, Random Dungeons will come later.  They aren't required to build a game (the games I want to build probably won't use them).  But, the algorithms are interesting and it's something I want to do once more things are in place.

Anyway those are my current thoughts and are subject to change.  Feel free to discuss random dungeons here.