Anyone using DragonBones?

Anyone using DragonBones?

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I recently discovered Dragonbones an animation tool for 2D sprites and started learning it. Untill today I used Spriter Basic and considered to buy the  PRO version without restrictions.

Now the thing is Dragonbones has all features that Spriter + Spine has like Free Form Deformation, IK, Timeline Curve Editing, Weight editing etc. and I really liked that tool. On top of it it's completely free!

The question :

  • Is anyone using Dragonbones?

It looks like nobody every heard of it. I say this because as an artist im selling 2d assets on online markets and there is a really high demand for "SCML" files which is Spriter but never had someone asking for  dragonbones or spine file.

  • Are they too complex?
  • What is the reason of it?
  • If I switch to dragonbones for example would that be a big mistake?
  • If I animate my assets (mainly character) and put on online market will it sell less just because it's not spriter?


Lots of questions but I really need some tips or advises on this. It's struggling my mind since 3 days.