Looking for Playing Cards

Looking for Playing Cards

Hi there,

I am hoping to convince someone to create a set of playing cards for public use. 

The cards will be specifically designed for mobile apps, and solitaire games in particular. 

There are some design elements which I think will make games better, and I've not been able to find a set of images with these elements. 


Design Element #1

Most cards, in the top left hand corner (and inversed on bottom right), have the value (e.g. 2) and the suit (e.g. Diamonds) arranged vertically (i.e. the value on top and the suit underneath). I would like them side-by-side. 

My reasoning is this - most solitaire games are played in landscape mode, with the cards stacked vertically. As more cards are put on the stack, less of each card can be seen. With the suit beneath, it becomes unseen a lot sooner than it would if it was side-by-side. 


Design Element #2

No outside border. Most solitaire games give the cards a different coloured highlight border when selected. For this reason it's best if the cards have no outside border. A border around picture card details, which seems common, is fine.


Well, that's about it. Happy to chat with anyone who is keen to help. Thanks all! :)