Adventure Game-like Backgrounds

Adventure Game-like Backgrounds

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I've looked (and maybe not good enough, because the search seems finicky), but cannot seem to find what I need.


So! I'm creating an adventure game, similar to the point-and-click ones like Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island. While finding backgrounds for things like forests or deserts is easy, my game takes place mostly in a town with a castle.


Additionally, eventually I'd like to make my own backgrounds, but right now, I'd like to just get the basics done. I also believe these assets could be useful for many people other than myself. I'd also like it to be pixel, since my sprites will be pixels, and it's easier to modify the colors or such.


In short:

  • Point-and-Click style backgrounds with a medieval/fantasy town setting
  • Pixel art style
  • Able to be used by anyone after it's finished


Thank you for your time.