Looking for 2D artist(s) for an RPG.

Looking for 2D artist(s) for an RPG.

I have the know-how to make a 2D game, but I cannot draw for my life. All I need is someone to draw the characters, enemies, and NPCs. Perhaps effects as well, if that isn't too much.

If possible, I would prefer a Scott Pilgrim-esque animation style, but any type from 32-bit or higher would be great.

I need to see an example of your work, and then I will send you a message or something telling you if you were chosen. Once we become partners, I will tell you what I'd like for each important character and boss' designs. You can do whatever you want for NPCs. 

The game will be $5.00 Once the game is put up, I will give you 20-40% of whatever money is earned. This means that, even if if only 1000 people buy the game, you will get roughly $1500. You will most likely get paid using PayPal.

The reason I am asking for someone to do these for me and not just using sprites from the site is because I want the game to have original sprites.


A Brief Description of the game, New World One (working title).

The game takes place in a futuristic/fantasy setting. It will focus on the story and gameplay equally. New World One to be lighthearted and satirical, poking fun at gaming and making various references to other media. However, I also want it to have some dark undertones and the like. Sort of like the Earthbound series.  

Reply if you're interested!