Artist Seeking Projects (2D, 3D)

Artist Seeking Projects (2D, 3D)

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Do you need resources to build a game? I may be able to help out. 


I am seeking requests of both 2D and 3D art that I will complete in my spare time. Once completed, I will post to this site for the community to use. My hope is to build a large list of things for me to work on to increase my skills, I would have built this list myself but I would rather make things that somebody else will find useful, instead of just sitting on my hard drive.

Maps, 3D/2D objects, environments/backgrounds, 2D/3D Characters, etc (I am open to challenges!).


A little about me:

I have been drawing and crafting since middle school, and have recently(within 6 months) been learning how to code and make games by merging my art into my projects. I do not have a lot of experience with digital art but I have been learning and hope to get better, I do have a portfolio you can check out(It is extremely basic and quite bare):


Some of my skills include: Cartography, Sculpting, Metalworking, Drawing, 3D modelling(objects and environments, not so much realistic characters yet, but I can do low poly characters!), Rigging, Animating.